This is an attempt to catalogue my experiences as I go into the new year.

2019 felt like a whirlwind of emotions, my freckles got a little lighter and head a little higher. 2018 was chaotic, and 2019 was a slow study, in contrast.

As I go towards 2020, I make a promise to put some of my ideas and musings out there into the internet – the jungle which influences me the most. This is a catalogue for all of that.

The Witcher: Review

The Witcher feels like a long drawn out show. Geralt is muscular, almost to the point of overdoing it, and all other characters are slotted into categories and habits they must have based on existing folklore. It’s more like a MMROPG, rather than a script. Some parts of it are charming, and feel like fantasyContinue reading “The Witcher: Review”

my dad's flowerbeds

When we were younger, my dad used to read the newspaper and watch news in his free time. He read the morning papers with a fondness I came to later copy. As we grew up, his morning rituals changed from the newspapers to reading philosophy to tending to flowerbeds. He now has a meticulously caredContinue reading “my dad's flowerbeds”

What I think of HP Now

I don’t remember the first novel I ever read. I’ve been reading stories since as far as memory goes. My earliest memory is of reading Feluda’s comics. This piece goes out to my childhood favorite – the Harry Potter universe. I chanced upon the first book in a rickety, old library in second standard. IContinue reading “What I think of HP Now”


last night i felt like rewinding my life all over and starting again or maybe life’s just a mess in all simulations and it’s okay to press exit i cried myself to sleep wondering about human nature and how to escape i wake up, make myself tea and realize i’m not ready to rewind orContinue reading “Zindagi”

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